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Following the workshop on constraint-based/parametric modelling in FreeCAD, let’s take a look at CAM (i.e. computer-aided manufacturing) in FreeCAD! We’ll start with some theory on 3-axis CNC milling, covering

  • Different types of milling bits
  • Chipload
  • RPM
  • Feedrate
  • Depth of cut
  • Conventional versus climb cutting

Next, we’ll check out some options in the Path workbench in FreeCAD, focusing on operations to generate different kinds of tool paths like

  • Contours
  • Pockets
  • Holes

In addition, we’ll look at several modifications of these paths, including

  • Ramp entries
  • Tags
  • Dogbones

If time permits, we’ll run a full example project on the CNC router in the Werkstatt.

Date and time: Tuesday 14 May 2024 at 19:30

Location: Starship Factory, Building K-102, Klybeckstrasse 141, 4057 Basel (route)

Requirements: Please install FreeCAD (version 0.21 or later) on your laptop before the workshop and check to see if it starts properly! We won’t have time to troubleshoot individual installations…

Costs: None, though there is always the option to donate (see also here)

Registration: Not necessary, simply drop by (though please be on time)